Paolo achenza trio - ombre

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Acid jazz consisted of two related movements. The first was based around records released by DJs and producers that included rare jazz tracks, particularly from the 1960s and 1970s, often mixing them with percussion tracks and electronic dance beats. [4] The second were groups influenced by these recordings and who emphasised a groove-based approach to music. [3] Acid jazz uses elements of jazz, funk and hip-hop. Because of its existence as a percussion-heavy, primarily live music, it was closer to jazz than any other dance style, but its focus on maintaining a groove allied it with funk, hip-hop, and dance music. [5] The style is characterised by danceable grooves, and long, repetitive compositions. Typical ensembles include horns, a full rhythm section (often with a drum set and additional percussion), a vocalist that may sing and rap and often a DJ. [6]

Paolo Achenza Trio - OmbrePaolo Achenza Trio - OmbrePaolo Achenza Trio - OmbrePaolo Achenza Trio - Ombre

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